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Welcome to Beach Ball Lights, enjoy the show!
The Beach Ball has become a universal symbol, a cultural architype, and Beach Ball Lights appeal on a psychological and instinctive level, bringing happiness and healing to all from the very youngest to the very oldest.

Put some real sunshine into your world with our brand new Beach Ball Lights!



£ 90.00 (plus delivery).

This is a brand new product for Spring/Summer 2014 by TOBYhouse, inventor and producer of innovative home-wares.

These are the ultimate in flat-packed! Real inflatable beach balls especially manufactured with a transparent window and a special air-tight new generation LED lighting system combining in a wonderful ball-light for indoor spaces.

When lit they glow all around, and shine a light out through the transparent window.

Available as a pendant or floor lamp, these are the perfect accessory in living and play areas whether it's for kids, for big kids, for beach locations or for those who just love the beach!

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