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About Beach Ball Lights.
Materials: Ultrasonic welded 200 micron PVC.

Size: 45cm / 18 inch diameter approx (inflated).

Power: Table / Floor version: 12v DC power supply. Power supplies are CE listed for EU countries, and are UL listed for products destined for the USA. Bulbs are 5 Watt 400Lmn warm LED light.

Power: Pendant / Ceiling version: 110v AC, 220-240v AC (according to market). 7 Watt 500Lmn warm dimmable LED bulb.

Certification: This item is CE certified and marked.

Installation: Electrical competence is required for the pendant version, while the Table / Floor version is considered 'plug and play'.

Maintenance: LED bulbs are extremely long life (typically 20,000 hrs) so you are unlikely to ever need to replace them. However if you do, instructions are provided in the link below. This is relatively straightforward and will require some simple tools.

£100.00 - 125.00 each + delivery.

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Beach Ball Lights are the ultimate in 'Flat Packed'. Assembley comprises unfolding and opening out the Beach Ball, then inserting the 'light stick' into the apposite valve aperture and locking it shut. (This takes only a few seconds.) Then the Beach Ball Light is ready to inflate with a bike pump through the regular pop-out blow-hole.

Beach Ball Lights are available in two disctinct versions:

The Table / Floor lamp is supplied with a coloured heavy rubber ring to sit on. It is powered from a low voltage 12V transformer that plugs into the wall socket - exactly like a mobile phone charger. The cable from this in turn connects to a jack-plug soket in the back of the Beach Ball Light. An optional 3m extension cable is provided so that the Beach Ball Light can be spaced further away from the wall socket. All cables are black. Illumination is around 400Lmn (= 40 Watt ecquivalent).

The Ceiling / Pendant version is mains powered. It comes with a intecrchangeable dimmable Warm LED bulb fitted, and is supplued with a 3m / 9ft white cable that is ready to connect to your ceiling rose. These are to be fitted by an electrician, and are to be placed out of reach of children. Illumination is around 500Lmn (= 50 Watt ecquivalent)



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